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  Our association with established agents worldwide enhance our services Internationally particularly in Asia, Europe, Far East, North and Central America and the Middle East. As a result we are able to co-ordinate, plan, arrange and control the timely shipment of your materials, equipments and project cargos from various worldwide sources to various construction sites, supply base and other locations as you may assign.

Our agents cover almost all parts of the world:

Tokyo/Osaka/Nagoya - Japan
Seoul/Pusan - Korea
Singapore - Singapore
Macau - China
Taipei - Taiwan
Bangkok - Thailand
Manila/Cebu - Philippine
Kuala Lumpur / Penang - Malaysia
Chennai/Mumbai/New Delhi - India
Shanghai/Qingdao - China
London/Birmingham/Cheshire/Newcastle/Manchester - U.K.
Paris - France
Milan/Rome - Italy
Barcelona/Madrid/Alicante/Bilbao/Valencia - Spain
Lisbon/Oporto - Portugal
Amsterdam/Rotterdam - The Netherlands
Copenhagen - Denmark
Brussels - Belgium
Zurich / Geneva - Switzerland
Gothenburg/ Stockholm / Malmoe - Sweden
Oslo - Norway
Helsinki - Finland
Vienna - Austria
Frankfurt/Dusseldorf/Hamburg/Munich/Stuttgart/Cologne/Berlin/Bremen/Nurnberg - Germany
Moscow - Russia
New York/San Francisco/Los Angeles/Chicargo/Baltimore/Miami/Seattle/Portland - U.S.A.
Vancouver/Toronto/Ottawa/Montreal/Calgary - Canada
Auckland/Wellington/Christchurch - New Zealand
Sydney/Melbourne/Perth/Brisbane/Adelaide - Australia
Dubai - U.A.E
Dhaka/Chittagong/Khulna - Bangladesh
Lahore/Karachi - Pakistan
Cario/Alexandria - Egypt
Buenos Aires - Argentina
Istanbul - Turkey